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Looking for a protein that will make an impact? Zombie Labs has expanded their range with a dynamic range of bio-enhanced whey protein blends.

Don’t just grab the first product on the shelf. Fuel yourself with a protein powder that will have a real impact. Zombie Labz have pulled no punches in the launch of their groundbreaking protein powder, flooding the shelves with 12 flavors bound to turn heads. 


  • Promotes muscle growth & repair
  • 3-stage protein blend
  • Added DegeZime for enhanced digestion
  • Offers 69% greater BCAA uptake
  • Zero added sugar

With a 3 stage protein blend that delivers fast, moderate and slow-releasing whey protein, Zombie Labz Musclez promises a 69% greater BCAA uptake and 43% greater EAA uptake, with AstraGin added to support absorption.

There is a reason they call this product ‘Musclez’. A robust blend of protein promotes muscle growth and recovery, while added DigeZyme supports lactose neutralization, enhanced protein digestion and 16% reduced muscle soreness.

How To Use

For best results, mix one scoop (32.5g)  of Musclez with water, milk, or your favorite beverage. Consume it post-workout to kickstart muscle recovery or as a snack between meals to meet your protein requirements.