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Zombie Labs Pumpz


Pump yourself back to life with Zombie Labs Pumpz, a non-stimulant pre-workout that can incite a skin-shedding pump.


  • Can cause unreal pumps
  • Combines 3 performance-boosting energy blends
  • Stimulant-free formuala
  • May increase strength and power


Create a pump so powerful that your muscles threaten to explode with Zombie Labs Pumpz; it’s stimulant free but no less effective and can help you achieve the ultimate pump when you train. With hyper-focus, super-strength and boundless energy, you’ll perform like a zombie training on hardcore mode.

Controlled by a Skin-splitting Zombie Blend, a Hyper Focus Nootropic Blend and a B-Vitamin Energy Blend, this hard-hitting, body-reviving formula can hit you hard and pull you in the right direction. Like a zombie chasing brains, this pre-workout will have you chasing gains.


If you’re not into stimulants but still want to perform with the relentless energy of an undead gladiator, Zombie Labs Pumpz is the solution for you.