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Best Testosterone Boosters in Australia: Ultimate Guide to Test-Boosting Supplements 2019

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Introduction to Testosterone Boosters

You’re entering the gym, all pumped up for what’s about to be a MONSTER weight session at the gym. You grab the closest barbell, throw away ten bicep curls, and you leave it at that. Then, you bring the barbell to the other hand, but now you notice that something’s missing from the equation. You’re just not as hyped as you were before stepping through the gym doors. Then you go home all frustrated since you can’t really pinpoint what’s holding you back in your workout.

The answer? – Testosterone. Or the lack thereof to fully utilise your potential. One solution to this is to supplement your diet with high-quality T-boosters that would give that extra kick to crush your workout with ease. 

When it comes to testosterone supplements, however, things can get tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled this 2018 Testosterone Boosters Guide, where we’ll take a look at everything T-related, including T-boosters ingredients, doses, effectiveness, and more. 

Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

In short, yes they do. Testosterone boosters are supplements that athletes (especially bodybuilders) use to boost their performance at the gym. Usually, these products are made out of plants and other natural ingredients and are generally labeled safe to use – especially true for events like bodybuilding competitions and the like. After all, having more testosterone is every guy's dream, right?

Nowadays, more and more individuals understand the benefits of proper T supplementing, so it’s no wonder why testosterone boosters have been rising in popularity recently. Testosterone boosters saw their rise to stardom because anabolic steroids (testosterone boosting compounds) were proclaimed too dangerous to use by numerous studies in the field.

Bottom line – testosterone boosters are the ultimate supplements for anyone looking to get lean whilst naturally building muscle in the process of doing so.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Generally, there are two main types of T-boosters:

  • Synthetic
  • Natural

Synthetic boosters, such as anabolic steroids, are tricky and can lead to dangerous consequences if taken recklessly. On the other hand, natural test boosting supplements are safer, which is why a large chunk of athletes nowadays opt for the latter. 

Why Should I Take T-Boosters?

First off, these products are excellent for anyone looking to naturally raise their testosterone levels. When compared to steroids, T-boosters do not strip you off of your testosterone levels after you cut them out from your nutritional plan. A sudden, unnatural drop in T-levels can have all kinds of nasty consequences, such as decreased libido, shrunken scrotum, limp pectoral muscles, and more. We don’t want that, so anabolic steroids are out of the question for good. 

To experience a safe and steady increase in testosterone levels – pick a natural T-booster which will provide you with all the benefits of building a chiseled body whilst keeping you healthy and full of energy.

Natural Testosterone Booster Benefits

Natural test boosting supplements have many benefits, including:

  • Natural increase of your testosterone levels – only by using natural ingredients and clinically tested compounds
  • More muscles, bigger size, and better gains – you will experience unparalleled progress at a rapid rate
  • Greater focus, elevated mood, and enhanced motivation – meaning more confidence and more energy whilst at the gym
  • Major protein synthesis improvements – out of all the protein you eat, a larger chunk goes straight toward building muscles

…and much more. Additionally, regardless of how well a woman’s nutritional plan is made – they can only develop muscles up to a certain point before the growth altogether stops. Naturally, women have lower T-levels, and without the use of supplements such as testosterone boosters – their athletic performance will always hit a brick wall.

Furthermore, men are also prone to boundaries in training – with a slight difference being that they take longer to reach that physical peak as we mentioned it above. This happens because males have higher T-levels on average thanks to genetics and millions of years of human evolution. Even so, testosterone levels among men vary from one individual to another. Some men have more, others less, and this is where supplements such as testosterone boosters come rushing in into play. These products are specifically engineered to break past the limit and gallop further into lean perfection. Think Bradley Cooper in Limitless, but instead of the mind – we’re now unleashing the true potential of the body.

What Ingredients Should I Look For In Testosterone Boosters?

Before taking any test boosting supplements, make sure that the formula contains clinically tested ingredients that are labeled safe for use. The last thing you’d want is taking shady, low-quality formulations that may do you more harm than good.

Generally speaking, all high-quality testosterone boosters will contain some or all of these ingredients in one form or another:

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) 

This compound is an amino acid that regulates testosterone synthesis and may act as a stimulant when taken in supplement form. DAA is used by athletes worldwide to boost their T-levels, aid in sports performance, and increase gains. In addition, D-Aspartic Acid has also shown promising results for treating infertility in men.

Upon entering the body, this compound interacts with the chemicals in the brain to stimulate the release of the luteinizing hormone. The luteinizing hormone plays a major role in both testosterone and growth hormone production – two chemical processes that ultimately lead to significant increase in testosterone synthesis.

Vitamin D3

Interestingly enough, Vitamin D3 is both a vitamin and a hormone at the same time – leaning more on the hormone side. D3 is mostly produced when the body gets exposed to the sun – leading to a major increase in test production. What links these two compounds is the luteinizing hormone doing its job.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a huge pile of evidence elaborating on how Vitamin D3 increases testosterone levels in men.


Among men, around 60% of testosterone bounds with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) – a hormone that removes test’s anabolic properties and leaves the body with lesser amounts of testosterone. Supplementation with magnesium significantly decreases SHBG levels – which leads to greater free testosterone amounts that get released into the body.

For athletes, this means more power, energy, and stamina to simply knock your workout right out of the park.


This compound does a few things: it raises free testosterone levels, it enhances focus and mental clarity, and it improves the functioning of other hormones in the body as well. Boron also plays a significant role in lowering the amounts of estrogen through decreasing SHGB (Sex hormone-binding globulin) levels. SHGB directly impacts how much estrogen is secreted in active individuals.


Zinc is a must-have for any testosterone booster that’s taking itself seriously on the market. A study regarding zinc effects on wrestlers during workout found a positive correlation between zinc supplementation and a raise in T-levels. One group of wrestlers were given an identical zinc dose, whilst the participants of a second group took placebo pills. The conclusion showed that the placebo group had a significant drop in test levels as opposed to the group of wrestlers that took zinc. 

In addition to this, supplementing with zinc may also increase free testosterone count and decrease every bodybuilder’s arch-nemesis – SHGB levels.

Ingredients to Avoid in Testosterone Boosters

Back when testosterone boosters were still considered a novelty, the ingredients these formulations used were not clinically tested and weren’t deemed as safe to use. Most T-boosters back then were made out of ingredients that were personally picked by unproven scientists and groups who were just looking to make a quick buck. Therefore, evidence was scarce when it came to the potency of these ingredients and their effectiveness in safely raising testosterone levels in both women and men.

Nowadays, science has finally caught up and has managed to topple these so-called ‘bro scientists’ right off of their falsely claimed throne. The troubles don’t end here, however, since some companies still use these unproven ingredients in their mixes, which leads to false claims and double-crossing of honest consumers.

These are the outdated ingredients you should definitely be checking twice before taking them:

  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • Tribulus Terrestris

  • Tribulus Terrestris

    TT is a Mediterranean-native plant that is shown to have multiple benefits for the body when taken in supplement form. TT might help with alleviating angina symptoms, treat infertility, and protect the liver among individuals affected by diabetes mellitus as well.

    However, Tribulus Terrestris isn’t proven to enhance athletic performance, nor increase T-levels. If you’re opting for T-boosters with TT, make sure to consult with your physician beforehand and follow their advice on the matter.

    Deer Antler Velvet

    Deer Antler Velvet is a type of bone that later develops into deer antlers. Scientifically speaking, deer velvet is a growth hormone dubbed ‘insulin-like growth factor 1’, or IGF-1 in short. This unusual supplement is believed to heal torn ligaments or other sports injuries quicker than usual, but this is inadvertently false. In fact, multiple studies have confirmed that deer antler velvet does not increase athletic performance, aerobic power, or testosterone levels among individuals who take it. 

    Important to note is that deer antler velvet has been shown to somewhat help children affected by impaired growth – moreover dwarfism, gigantism, or other stunted growth conditions. Gym enthusiasts should aim to avoid this substance if possible – or at least for the time being. 

    Taking Testosterone Boosters While Bulking

    As most of you know, bulking is one of the more ‘fun’ parts of everyone’s training regimen — simply because you get to eat more food. The goal when you embark on a bulk is to gain as much muscle mass as possible through an increased protein intake in our diets.

    This leads to the conclusion that protein is an essential part of the bulking process. Taking too much of it, however, can have devastating consequences on your T-levels and can break the lower testosterone threshold for a significant amount. The reason behind this process lies in, you guessed it, Cortisol. An increased protein intake raises Cortisol (colloquially known as stress hormone) levels, which in turn suppresses testosterone via the testicular Leydig cells and the hypothalamus. This leads to lower test levels and negatively impacts the production of testosterone in the body.

    In fact, a study has shown that the protein to carbs ratio in diets is very important for keeping testosterone levels in a healthy range. And here’s where testosterone boosting products come into play.

    If you opt for a T-boosting supplement that checks all the marks, you’ll have no troubles with raising your testosterone levels. This rule applies regardless of the protein to carb ratio in your preferred diet.

    Testosterone Boosters Pros

    T-boosters provide countless benefits for athletes of both sexes. These products can break the upper T-level threshold among women, and positively impact men’s physicality and appearance. By supplementing with testosterone boosters, your body gets the ‘green light’ for activating the adrenal gland – which secretes more testosterone as well. Testosterone brings forward the secondary sexual traits among men and serves a crucial role in the increase of T-levels among women.

    Additionally, besides boosting power, stamina, and strength, T-boosters also aid in nurturing healthy reproductive organs among the male population.

    Testosterone Sources 

    Testosterone boosters can be made out of different sources. In comparison, creatine products fall under synthetic supplements – and so do anabolic steroids. These two supplements belong to the same category, but creatine products were proven time and time again to be safer down the stretch. On the other hand, T-boosters are manufactured by naturally deriving plant and herb extracts that have major test boosting properties. 

    Popular testosterone boosters may contain DHEA, ZMA, and Tribulus Terrestris doses in accordance with their formulations. In fact, these compounds may find their way into commercially available supplements that are not T-boosters, so be on the lookout for those as well. Furthermore, it’s very important to combine your test boosting program with proper exercise, diet, and sufficient amounts of deep sleep. This is by far the better approach as opposed to taking supplementation such as anabolic steroids, prohormones, or other unsafe and unproven products with potential ‘nasty’ side effects. 

    On a side note, prohormones may possibly help you with building muscles – but be sure to consult with a physician before taking these kinds of supplements. 

    Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Give Testosterone Boosters a Chance

    Major Muscle Gains 

    Individuals who opt for T-boosters paired with a proper exercise program – gain muscle faster. Once you enhance this process, the recovery rate improves as well. All of these effects ultimately lead to intensive workout sessions for longer periods of time.  

    Increased Aggressiveness at the Gym 

    High T-levels in the bloodstream directly correlates with increased aggressiveness and energy. The former is a strong motivator to mercilessly train in order to reach optimum results in the shortest amounts of time. Higher aggressiveness during workouts, thanks to supplementing with testosterone boosters, leads to faster progress among beginners and pro athletes alike.

    Improved Health of the Reproductive System

    As we mentioned above, testosterone has a primary function which leads to developing secondary sexual traits among men. In fact, healthy T-levels are shown to battle conditions such as impotence as well. Men who are affected by fertility problems can greatly benefit by raising their testosterone levels in the body. What’s more, the aging process further slows down the secretion of testosterone from the adrenals and testes among the male population. Fortunately, this process can be reversed thanks to having an active lifestyle, proper dieting, and supplementation with high-quality testosterone boosters.

    In continuation, T-boosters have other benefits as well. They:

    • Serve a major role in decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels
    • Improve the libido
    • Alleviate possible erectile dysfunction
    • Improve density of the bones
    • Reduce cortisol levels
    • Elevate the mood
    • Boost motivation and increase self-confidence

    …and much more.

    Are Testosterone Boosters Safe?

    When compared to anabolic steroid ingestion or injection – testosterone boosters are generally safe. In order to prevent any potential negative side effects that may arise, be sure to put your test-boosting program on hold after finishing off your preferred T-boosting product. This practice both relaxes and cleans the body to garner additional strength for future supplementation of your choice. 

    Note: make sure you read your preferred testosterone booster label and follow the written instructions in a clear manner. Always ask your doctor whether you’re in the clear of taking any supplementation, including testosterone boosters as well.

    How to Optimise Your Lifestyle for The Best Results 

    Testosterone boosters may provide you with immense benefits, but if your lifestyle involves tobacco, excessive use of alcohol, and poor dieting choices – the results of T-booster supplementation will also be poor. T-boosters only work if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle that’ll allow reaping the full benefits of these products.

    Additionally, test boosters should only be taken if you’re being active in all fields – mostly including exercise and properly taking care of your body. Bottom line is – you will most definitely reap the benefits if you do all of these things properly, but there are a couple of other things that will also help you to build that perfect beach body.

    The Power of Three

    Basically, what this means is to incorporate the ‘holy’ trifecta of all exercises: squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. The rule states that training large muscle groups leads to your body producing more testosterone. When you employ all of these exercises with proper form, you’ll experience the benefits of increased T-levels, additional muscle gains, and a major increase in growth hormone levels.

    Control the Protein Intake

    As we previously mentioned, leaning too much on the protein side can actually decrease testosterone levels and leave you behind in the gain game. If the protein you take is at or exceeds 0.85g/lb of body weight per day, then your macronutrient ratio may overshadow the benefits of testosterone boosters. In addition to that, a high protein intake may cause a significant rise in your Cortisol and SHGB levels, which in turn will lower testosterone secretion. This process is not beneficial for anyone since it increases fat gains and lowers T-levels.

    Soak Up The Sun

    We’re sure that most of you have experienced that feeling of excitement after feeling the first sun rays of summer, right? That’s your body telling you that the sun is healthy for you – although in reasonable amounts (prolonged exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays can lead to all sorts of trouble). In short: the sun equals more Vitamin D3, and D3 means more testosterone in an all-natural way.

    Avoid Alcohol

    It’s clear: alcohol intake lowers testosterone levels. In fact, drinking beer regularly can have devastating effects on your T-levels in the long haul. This happens because beer contains so-called ‘phytoestrogens’ – compounds that increase estrogen levels which, as we’ve shown above, have the effect of lowering the amount of testosterone in the body. As a matter of fact, numerous studies have pointed out that chronic alcoholics have lower T-levels relative to non-alcoholic individuals.     

    Junk Food Cravings Should be Left at That

    Opting for foods rich in simple sugars is a big no-go if you want to improve testosterone chart readings. Upon consumption, these sugary foods cause spikes in blood glucose levels, which trigger the release of the hormone insulin as a response. Acting recklessly with sugary foods increases the chances of becoming resistant to insulin. Insulin resistance can lead to all sorts of trouble, including diabetes and other complications and health risks further down the stretch. In the short run, however, being insulin resistant means having increased levels of Cortisol in the body, which is shown to lower testosterone levels by significant amounts.

    Bottom line, avoid sugary foods wherever and whenever you can.

    The Best Testosterone Boosters of 2018

    The following lineup lists our hand-picked selection of the best testosterone boosting supplements. As most of you know, we take these things very seriously and don’t leave room for error – therefore these testosterone boosters are thoroughly researched, tested, and compared between one another for the ultimate 2018 list.

    1. Body War Alpha War

    Body War Alpha War is one of the best testosterone boosting formulas on the market – which you can immediately tell thanks to its fully transparent label. This powerhouse of a container features some very potent ingredients, such as:
    • D-Aspartic Acid – considered by many to be the best compound when it comes to testosterone boosting properties. Those with low test levels should definitely be on the lookout for this one.
    • Velvet Bean Extract – carrying an awesome name, this ingredient enhances sexual performance among men and makes it easier for the ladies.
    • Fenugreek Extract – plays an important role in converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. The latter is a powerful hormone that regulates sexual characteristics among males and is an excellent ingredient for beginners and pros alike.
    • Tongkat Ali – also known as Longifolia, Tongkat Ali serves two major functions: increases sexual desire and raises T-levels. Quote the impressive portfolio for a plant.
    • Resveratrol – boosts testosterone while suppressing estrogen levels in the body. Great for achieving awesome pumps without any unwanted side effects whatsoever.

    With Body War Alpha War, now anyone can triumph.

    Buy Body War Alpha War

    2. Reset Nutrition T-Lift

    T-Lift by Reset Nutrition is a major player in the test-boosting league. This product restores your natural testosterone levels without the hassle of having to cycle synthetic hormones, which is incredible. T-Lift features an all-natural formulation that stimulates the body to produce more of the so-called ‘Leutinizing Hormone’. This hormone breaks the normal testosterone threshold – therefore enabling more T-production beyond normal levels of what physiology allows.

    Furthermore, Reset Nutrition, T-Lift is more than just your regular test drive, since it increases baseline T-levels, improves libido, and maximises the production of red blood cells in the body.

    Some of this product’s major ingredients include:

    • Boron Citrate - Increase free testosterone levels, Improves brain function, helps metabolize insulin
    • TONGKAT ALI - Increase Testosterone levels, improve body composition, reduce stress levels
    • MUCUNA PRUIENS - Natural source of L-Dopa, improve memory and mood, increase energy and focus, increase libido and sex drive
    • SHILAJIT EXTRACT - Increase testosterone levels, reduce inflammation, improve mitochondrial function, improve energy, improve fertility 
    • EPICATECHIN - Increase strength, Increase lean muscle mass, Improve muscular endurance, Powerful antioxidant 

    …and much more. Reset Nutrition T-Lift packs more than enough ‘juice’ to keep your muscles grinding to the max.

    Buy Reset Nutrition T-Lift

    3. RESET Nutrition E-Balance

    This is the second Reset Nutrition entry in our lineup, which proves that these guys know what’s up, and they confidently put it in practice. Reset Nutrition E-Balance is great on many levels, but where it excels is its ability to block the enzyme responsible for turning T-levels into estrogen, whilst also suppressing the levels of cortisol in the body.

    As we’ve mentioned above, estrogen is a bodybuilder’s ultimate arch-nemesis since it prevents muscle gains and leads to an unnecessary retention of water and fat. Thankfully, EST Sports has developed a way to boost up testosterone in a healthy and natural manner.

    This product contains:

    • Androsta-3,5 diene 7,17-dione
    • 5a Hydroxy laxogenin
    • Diindolylmethane
    • Phosaphatidylcholine

    …just to name a few. Bottom line, Reset Nutrition E-Balance is an excellent choice to rekindle that youthful vigor back into everyone’s life.

    Buy Reset Nutrition E-Balance

    4. TestoFuel

    This one’s easy. When it comes to testosterone boosting properties, TestoFuel is most pro athlete’s preferred choice since it’s simply the best. This product uses natural, safe, and most of all – scientifically proven ingredients for anyone looking to enhance their workout and achieve the ultimate body. 

    Additionally, TestoFuel is not just for gains in the muscle area. It features state-of-the-art components that give users more energy, enable faster recovery rate, and improve libido levels for better performance in the sack. In short, TestoFuel has the following benefits:

    • Speeds up recovery rates for swiftly getting back on track
    • Increases lean muscle and tones body for achieving the perfect look
    • Boosts up energy levels for enabling ‘freak’ workout gears at the gym
    • Enhances libido for longer sessions in the sack
    • Fastens workout results for getting what you want here and now 

    TestoFuel differs from other products in the T-boosting market thanks to the unique approach of the company, which is always looking to improve upon their almost-perfect testosterone boosting formulation. Individuals can be sure that they’re always getting the latest formulation – tailored in accordance with the latest clinical trials. In comparison, other companies update their products every 2.5 – 5 years, or some never at all.

    Each ingredient within TestoFuel works in perfect symbiosis to administer the ultimate test-boosting results, faster and better than ever before. This product’s main ingredients include Vitamin D, Oyster Extract, and D­Aspartic Acid among other – all clinically proven to boost T-levels in a healthy and all-natural manner.

    In conclusion, TestoFuel is currently one of the best options on the market.

    5. Elemental Nutrition Massive Muscle Fuel 

    Elemental Nutrition underwent some major changes in 2016 – both in-house and towards their approach to customers – which yielded notable results. In fact, their re-branded merchandise is now looking slicker and tastier than ever before.

    EN Massive Muscle Fuel is strong, potent, and the best legal testosterone boosting alternative to anabolic steroids out there. This supplement is chock full of natural and potent ingredients for the ultimate T-booster experience, including:

    • Methoxyisoflavone – a non-hormonal anti-catabolic compound that plays a major role in decreasing cortisol levels, increasing protein synthesis, and improving recovery after exercise. Talk about potency!
    • Agrinine HCL – a form of arginine that adds a hydrogen chloride molecule to the initial amino acid in order to better its absorption rate by the digestive tract. This ingredient stimulates the pituitary gland to release more HGH (growth hormone) which has a positive impact on T-levels in the body.
    • Bulbine Extract -- a compound that has favourable effects on testosterone levels and helps with sexual function both at the same time. Bulbine has been used as an ancient medicine in some parts of Africa to help men with their reproductive health, with positive results.   
    • Saw Tooth Palmetto 10:1 extract – this ingredient reduces the amount of the so-called ‘bad’ testosterone in the body (dihydroxytestosterone, or DHT for short).
    • Diadzein – a great anti-oxidant with the additional benefit of reducing estrogen levels among users.
    • And more

    These ingredients are carefully picked to assist you in providing the ultimate gains thanks to their potent testosterone boosting qualities. As a matter of fact, Elemental Nutrition Massive Muscle Fuel features a synergistic formulation of one of the strongest and most potent ingredients on the market.

    6. Max’s The Gear

    Puttnig the amazing name aside, The Gear is a testosterone stimulating product featuring 120 capsules that aids in recovery, speeds up protein synthesis, and maximises free T-levels in the body. This supplement is designed to help you achieve peak free T-levels and keep them there for as long as it takes to crush your workout. The Gear does this by utilising all-natural and potent aromatase inhibitors – packed in neat capsules for optimum results.

    Max’s The Gear contains:

    • Tribulus
    • Horny Goat Weed
    • Mucuna Pruriens
    • DIM
    • Maca
    • Resveratrol

    These ingredients work in synergy to bring down your estrogen levels, shoot up your free test levels, and maximise gains while at the gym. The Gear is a well-rounded product that benefits both beginners and individuals who are looking to up the ante relative to their current athletic progress. What’s more, this T-booster improves the libido for additional motivation and elevated mood levels. In addition, The Gear works with the ladies as well.

    If you’re looking for a well-rounded test-boosting supplement that delivers – then Max’s The Gear, without a doubt, would be the go-to pick for your training needs.

    7. BSc Triandrobol Test

    Triandrobol Test is a non-hormonal plant-based formulation that has been scientifically proven to work. This product urges the body to produce more testosterone without putting a toll on other functions, nor interfering with everyday tasks. TT is formulated to be perfectly suitable for vegan individuals as well. 

    The team back at Body Science proved that they can make a perfectly decent supplement, which comes in the form of their latest T-booster Triandrobol Test, under the Alpha Series label. TT helps with:

    • Increasing T-levels in the body
    • Boosting bioavailable testosterone, so that more of it can be utilised to achieve your full potential during workout
    • Improving sexual potency, sexual performance and everything that makes a man, a man
    • Increasing work capacity of the muscles for prolonged sessions at the gym
    • Reducing fat percentage when paired with an RTP (resistance training program)

    Body Science Triandrobol saw several iterations before settling on the current one. Its previous version featured additional ingredients for faster recovery and support, but Triandrobol Test makes up for this omission by including more potent testosterone boosting compounds.

    8. Beast Super Test

    Super Test has stood the test of time – especially true for a market as competitive as testosterone boosting supplementation. But, as the old saying goes: don’t change a winning team. Beast Super Test has been proven to work time and time again as one of the more potent T-boosters out there. 

    In fact, Super Test is specially designed to help with cleaning and detoxifying both the kidneys and liver. Professional athletes and weight lifters put an additional toll on their cleansing systems due to demanding diets and intense supplementation. Super Test negates these processes thanks to its cleanse-friendly formula that keeps the vital organs safe.

    This product is for serious individuals looking for optimum results. Some of its benefits include: 

    • Boosts testosterone levels in normal range
    • Improves overall sexual health
    • Keeps estrogen levels in check
    • Protect the kidneys and liver
    • Allows for faster muscle gains
    • Plus more

    Beast Super Test contains:

    • Vitamin B6, to protect the skin, kidneys, and other vital organs in the body
    • Magnesium, to keep hearth health at bay and relieve muscle aches after intense workout sessions  
    • Fenugreek Extract, to support healthy raise within normal testosterone levels
    • White Button Mushrooms, as great aromatase enzyme inhibitors. This enzyme decreases T-levels while increasing estrogen levels.
    • Milk Thistle Extract, to cleanse the body out of toxins for good

    Beast Super Test is great for anyone looking to channel the inner beast and conquer their workout with ease.

    9. PharmaFreak Test Freak

    Pairing an eye-catching design with excellent branding – Test Freak features clinically tested compounds to stimulate the body’s test production like none other. PharmaFreak Test Freak is a hybrid product that contains both vitamins and minerals for achieving the ultimate lean body. This supplement is also backed up by solid science:

    • 1100 mg Fenugreek
    • 1000 mg Tribulus terrestris
    • Zinc
    • Magnesium
    • Vitamin B6
    • Saw Palmetto
    • Stinging Nettle
    • Resveratrol

    All of these ingredients work in unison to optimise your testosterone levels and signal the body to stop converting test into DHT and estrogen. In addition, Test Freak supplementation allows for greater free T-levels – leading to better performance at the gym. This formula is somewhat on the stronger side, so it’s not recommended for individuals that are just now breaking into the bodybuilding game.

    10. Body Ripped Androbolin

    Body Ripped Androbolin possesses a potent formula that assists in the body’s natural response to raise test levels for significant amounts. The formulation behind it is specifically tailored to enhance the physiological processes that occurs in the male body and provide that extra push to reach physical excellence.

    Androbolin features a state-of-the art design wrapped in a slick-looking bottle for the ultimate motivational boost. This T-levels booster gathers its formulation potency out of an ingredient called red clover extract. This compound activates the androgen receptors and the coactivator protein – which ultimately leads to better free testosterone utilisation and more gains. Androbolin is also packed with: 

    • Selenium
    • Chromium
    • Zinc
    • Vitamin B12
    • And more

    Final Thoughts

    At the end of the day, regardless of which T-boosting product you prefer, make sure you consults with a healthcare professional beforehand, in order to build a supplementation program that is best fitted to your needs.  



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