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Why Creatine should be in EVERY stack

Why Creatine should be in EVERY stack

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Creatine is easily one of the most overlooked and underestimated supplements. It quickly became popular when studies demonstrated its effects, however with the ever changing market, and the more you use supplements, the more overlooked creatine becomes. 

Creatine has an enormous amount of benefits, both for muscle gain and fat loss. Firstly, our body produces creatine naturally, however we exhaust our stores in 10 seconds and it takes our body, on average 5 minutes to replenish these stores. By supplementing with creatine, you increase muscle saturation, and thus ensure creatine stores are replenished far quicker. This dramatically increases explosive power particularly for those looking to increase lifting maximums, or even looking to improve explosive sprint power whether it be for sprint races, football or any other sport of which requires bursts of power. 

Creatine also ensures there is an increase in intramuscular water retention, which ensures the body not only retains water around working muscle, but also allows the body to better utilise nutrients such as protein, particularly in the recovery phase. 

In terms, creatine will help you to remain bigger, stronger and faster, whilst improving how the body utilises nutrients. 

It is an absolute staple in all supplement stacks regardless of goal.



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