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4 Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work

4 Fat Loss Hacks That Actually Work

In this day and age, it is easy to get caught up in the latest weight loss fad and over complicate things. The hard truth is that nothing will work until you nail the basics. Keep it simple, be patient and start working on these four areas. 

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How Alcohol Effects Your Fitness Goals

How Alcohol Effects Your Fitness Goals

It’s Friday, 5pm. For many Aussies that means one thing: bring on the booze! Enjoying a glass or two is fine in moderation, but it’s important to understand how alcohol can affect your sporting and exercise efforts, so we’ve got the lowdown.
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second to none nutrition 5 ways to motivate yourself

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

They say it can take between 21 and 66 days to turn a new behaviour into an automatic pattern, however motivation is what gets this process started. Here are five motivation hacks to help spur on your efforts and reach your health and fitness goals.
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second to none nutrition healthy carbs while losing fat

Healthy Carbs To Eat While Losing Fat

Diet naysayers and self-proclaimed nutrition experts may preach that including carbohydrates in your diet while trying to tone-down is the biggest sin since egg-free mayonnaise. Well not unexpectedly, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Eating healthy carbs is not only possible, but it can be made into a fun activity for friends and family alike to find enjoyment in.

Moreover, carbs alone won’t make anyone fat, that much is sure. Carbohydrates are needed to provide energy for the body, and fasting on carbs can easily be as detrimental to your preferred weight levels since it would make you feast on junk food to the ground like there’s no tomorrow. According to nutrition twin experts Tammy Lakatos Shames, R.D. and Lyssie Lakatos, R.D. -- you can undoubtedly ‘melt’ those love handles by munching on the RIGHT carbs.

Which ones are the right ones? – We’re glad you asked.


Green Peas

Green Peas are a great source of potassium, zinc, vitamin C and dietary fibers. Furthermore, zinc is a known enemy of the common cold and may help you survive through season transitions by boosting your immunity threefold. Zinc is also involved in the creation of leptin – a hormone familiar to food enthusiasts as the “fat hormone” – which name alone suggests that it has something to do with regulating satiety even before edibles manage to reach your belly’s bottom.

So in a way, green peas have double the impact on your overall regulation of fat.



No one is a fan of blood sugar peaks and valleys that can leave people feeling starved and sign for desperate measures – such as that chocolate iced crème filled donut sitting about freely on your shelf.

When ingested, pearled barley, hull-less barley or even barley groats release sugar slowly into the bloodstream, maintaining an almost-perfect glycemic curve that battles against hunger in a natural and healthy manner.


Whole-Grain Bread

In a research conducted at Harvard, a continuous nibble at whole-grain breads fares well for the heart and may help in battling heart disease in the long run. In another study done by Penn State scientists, participants who indulged in a low-calorie diet while munching whole grains lost substantially more fat than those who ate processed grains.

Also, be on the lookout for 100% whole grain bread packages, since clever marketing can trick you into buying “whole grain” labeled bread made of only 51% whole grains.


Whole-Wheat Pasta

As with whole-grain bread – it’s only logical that whole-wheat pasta shares some benefits for keeping that waistline in check, plus more. Swapping regular for whole-wheat pasta is directly linked to having a thinner waistline, a significant decrease in abdominal fat and a lower body mass index (BMI).

But, as author Keri Gans, R.D. recommends in his book, to keep weight in check make sure you’re not gobbling up more than 200 calories JUST from pasta alone.



To reach satiety faster than you normally would, opt in for foods part of the legumes family such as beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. These superfoods are known to fend off overeating and promote increased energy levels, fitness and also help while working out.

A great recipe involves 3 tablespoons of olive oil, chickpeas, and spices to taste roasted at 375F for 40 min. to get an excellent snack viable at any given time of day.



Again, as supported by clinical trials, the guys and gals at Annals of Internal Medicine came to the conclusion that healthy adults whose intake consisted of at least 30 grams of dietary fibers per day had lost 5 pounds in one year. These participants did not make any other change to their existing diets except the addition of fiber.

Pears are known to have high amounts of fiber, vitamins and other important nutrients that make it not only a great source of healthy carbs – but also a powerful fruit for individuals seeking an overall improvement in their eating habits.



Trading off potato chips for air-popped popcorn kernels would be a welcome alternative for all – especially those trying to get rid of fat. Popcorn is good for the heart, reaches satiety levels faster than, say, fried potatoes and reduces hunger like a boss.

A great alternative to ease that yearn for fatty foods once and for all.

Having suggestions of your own? Go ahead and share them below and we’ll be more than happy to answer.



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How Green Tea Can Promote Fat Loss

How Green Tea Can Promote Fat Loss

Since the dawn of humanity, people realized that chewing certain plants would give them health benefits. Within agrarian societies, green tea had the opportunity to be cultivated some est. 4,000 years ago. Since then, it quickly gained momentum and spread across the Globe like crazy. Now, people of all ages and sexes use the magical concoction to promote fat loss at the expense of no side effects whatsoever.   

But, What is Green Tea Exactly?

As some of us may know, oolong tea, black tea and Green Tea are all products derived from the famous tea plant, or in Latin: Camellia sinensis. This beautiful herb natively grows in South and Southeast Asia, but can be also found all across the world where the ‘hots’ overthrow the ‘colds’ (mainly tropical and subtropical regions).

And while all types of teas (oolong, black and green) are strained from the same plant – they differ in how they become processed afterwards. Oolong and black tea are fermented. green tea is not. Therefore, all active substances remain untouched within the plant.


But why do people go to great lengths to drink green tea on a regular basis?

Well turns out, there are substances called ‘Polyphenols’ crammed inside the plant. Scientifically speaking, these polyphenols can be also referred to as either catechins or flavanols.

Green tea abounds with, and please bear with us since it’s already starting to get technical – epicatechin, epicatechin-3-gallate, epigallocatechin and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (in short: EGCG) – the most potent catechin of them all.

The majority of scientific studies were done on EGCG and catechins as whole.

Such rigorous research showed a link between consuming green tea and activation of the body’s “thermogenic fat-burning activity”. According to the same study which showed up in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – drinking the ideal amount of green tea (equivalent of 690 mg of catechins) for 12 straight weeks lead up to losing fat in several body areas, including waist, under the skin and other ‘critical’ spots.

So How Does It Work?

The famous catechins we talked about contain an enzyme with a rather peculiar name: catechol-O-methyltranferase or COMT in short. When this enzyme comes in contact with the body’s natural processes, it actually breaks down norepinephrine – a hormone whose tasks include burning body fat.

Isn't That Counterproductive For Fat Loss?

Well, no. By ‘pumping’ the body with large amounts of catechins by ingesting green tea, the enzyme starts doing its work and the body signals that it’s losing norepinephrine fast. Basically, you’re getting more norepinephrine than you bargained for which drags out another chemical process in the body called thermogenesis (body heat). This in turn promotes fat loss at rapid rates and tones one’s figure to Apollo’s or Aphrodite’s likings.

Still not sold? Check this out then: the caffeine and EGCG in green tea work together in a symbiotic manner to ‘crank up’ the body's calorie consumption, which in turn produces energy to function. And, according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, this flirtatious relationship between the caffeine and catechins in green tea also leads up to an increase in the body’s resting metabolic rate.           

You heard it right and you read it here: thanks to Polyphenols, Green Tea became the go-to plant for people to battle those protruding love handles under the jeans that shamed oneself in public.


Before you know it, green tea has taken the bodybuilding communities by storm. And it’s no mystery since as we saw, the herb proved useful when one is determined to get rid of fat fast.

But, hold your horses: studies have shown that swallowing green tea by the dozen is trumped by taking those same substances only in nutritional supplement form.

Also, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition read that green tea polyphenols worked best when taken as extracts through capsules.

Thus, to avoid the hassle of gulping as much as a bucketload of green tea goodness per day – it’s best for one’s organism to put those green tea extract capsules to good use: by devouring them whole. Or in other words: green tea extract capsules offer the greater benefit than green tea the concoction.

To recap those juicy green tea benefits:

  •         Boosts the body’s immune system
  •         Works as a powerful antioxidant
  •         Increases thermogenesis’ duration (body heat regulation)
  •         Increases norepinephrine – key component in burning body fat
  •         Stimulates energy-spending in accordance with calorie intake


- Yes, go for it. When paired with substances like yohimbe, goji berry or other supportive herbs, green tea can become even more powerful an extract.

Moreover yohimbe, better known in the scientific communities as methyl 17 alpha-hydroxy-yohimban-16 alpha-carboxylate hydrochloride – turns out also promotes healthy fat loss at rapid rates.

The yohimbe compound blocks certain alpha receptors inside the fat cell – thus increasing the overall thermogenic potential of the body, in turn bringing you even closer to that 80’s Schwarzenegger body that itself sported muscles within muscles – layers deep until subatomic level of ultimate ripped awesomeness.


Green Tea – good. Green tea extract supplements – better.

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Radical Fat Loss Plan Unveiled

Radical Fat Loss Plan Unveiled

Let me introduce you to two of the leading physique coaches, as they unveil in this episode how they have crafted the ultimate Body Transformation Camp, and how you can copy the secrets....

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Muscle Elements Female Sponsored Athletes

Muscle Elements Female Sponsored Athletes

Muscle Elements are supporting some of the best athletes in the world! One of their favourite products is the 212 Fat Burner. Check out some of their female athletes below for some inspiration.
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10 Easy Meal Prep Recipes

10 Easy Meal Prep Recipes

No matter what your goal is, the easiest way to stay on track with your nutrition is to create simple meals you will ENJOY eating. With this in mind we searched the world wide web and found 10 recipes that will inspire you. 


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